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Each enterprise is determined to improve its operational efficiency, effectiveness and agility. IT services

benchmarking performed after service rationalization has numerous benefits: performance optimization by

aligning assets with core business services enabling business to effectively manage capacity even when

demand cannot be determined. Service rationalization and benchmarking allows discussions within the

enterprise to be increasingly tangible and specific. We create your services baseline enabling true 

measurements of operational performance compared to the baseline and other industry leaders. Our service

rationalization & benchmark helps identify the most promising areas for process improvement initiatives and

strong business cases for change when key performance indicators characterize areas for improvement.


HTMS' benchmarking and service lifecycle optimization process is based on broad exposure and involvement in telecommunications and infrastructure across many enterprises. At any given time, we have multiple negotiations and procurement projects “in process” and as such, our benchmarking data represents current negotiated pricing realized in highly competitive conditions. This provides our clients with an accurate and current view of leading edge market pricing. Our analysis is based on the detailed pricing information contained in our systems using up to the minute negotiation data. Once benchmarking is complete, HTMS will offer a services blueprint that encompasses both pricing improvements and service alignment where appropriate. Based on the data, we provide guidance and recommendations on how to best reduce your spend while retaining or increasing value. HTMS provides a plan to maximize clients’ return and value on telecom services and network infrastructure investments through:


Service lifecycle analysis and planning

Service rationalization and alignment


Service optimization

Technology lifecycle consulting

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