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Cloud and Hosting Services

Compute, Infrastructure and Platform as a Service provided by the largest global providers under one agreement with volume discount pricing and knowledgeable account support.

Cloud (Immediate Compute Resource Availability)

When your requirements and demand cannot be readily served by your existing IT infrastructure consider adopting cloud services:


  • By the minute and by the resource pricing

  • CDN Cloud

  • Global data centers

  • Hybrid Private/Public Cloud

​Colocation (Immediate Infrastructure Availability)

Augment and safeguard your mission-critical data and ensure operational reliability through colocation services:  


  • Bare metal servers

  • By the rack or partial rack pricing

  • Compute and Network colocation

  • Global datacenters

  • All major network carriers

  • Data storage and back up


​Platform as a Service (Immediate Application Availability)

PaaS delivers scalable cloud-based applications available to users through the Internet not limited the size of your organization, budget, or staff:


  • Hosted IP PBX

  • Microsoft 365

  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange and Lync

  • User or utility pricing

  • Wireless Integration & application enablement

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