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Data Network Services

Compute, Infrastructure and Platform as a Service provided by the largest global providers under one agreement with volume discount pricing and knowledgeable account support.


Ethernet is a flexible and agile solution for many businesses and can help your network scale up quickly. . It is a well-known technology that can provide the foundation for a flexible network that connects your locations, from data hubs and call centers to small branch offices:


  • Access Services (Ethernet/MPLS/Internet/Private Line)

  • Ethernet Private Line (EPL, Ethernet over HFC, Ethernet of DSL)

  • Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL)

  • Metro Area, National & Global Ethernet Services

  • Switched Ethernet Services (ELAN)


Business are using more services to make faster and better business decisions, applications, and processes online, the need for robust, always-available Internet access becomes essential . 1Mb up to Gigabit over traditional access methods, Ethernet, high speed satellite and wireless are all available to meet your business requirements and to provide robust and 100% available access to vital data in all types of situations:


  • We can support speeds up to 10Gb

  • Be ready with an infrastructure to support the world of heterogeneous, embedded devices and next generation supply chains

  • Equally fast downloads and uploads

  • Dedicated connection provides better reliability and more consistent performance than a shared cable connection

  • Bandwidth provides access for small, medium and large businesses through multiple access types

  • Consistent throughput throughout the day so you always get the speed you purchased, 24 x 7

  • Guaranteed network reliability—service level agreement guarantees



A “fully meshed” network topology where all branches or locations on the network can communicate to any other or be segmented if desired. With MPLS you can connect all of your locations together, reduce hardware in your telecom closet, and prioritize all of your data traffic so that data, voice and video run seamlessly - even when your networks is at its busiest peak.    Companies with more than 2 sites, needing to communicate real-time or transmit large amounts of data between many locations should evaluate using MPLS. MPLS is well suited for companies with that want to integrate voice, Internet and wireless WAN connectivity onto the same network and still maintain quality of service:



  • Available access types and speeds: 64K through 10Gb 

  • Private network reduces encryption bottlenecks

  • Both Class of service (CoS), and quality of service (QoS), network-wide enablement

  • "Any to Any" connectivity allowing for more opportunities for redundancy routing

  • One circuit can be used for multiple services, data, voice, video and Internet

  • Simplified remote access - VPN into network, not just one site

  • Future proof network supporting multiple services


​Private Line

Private Line network service provides the high-speed, dedicated, point-to-point connections you need for fast, secure data transfer to safeguard vital information. With Private Line network service, you can easily handle critical applications: bulk data transfer, disaster recovery, distance learning, engineering, video conferencing and more. Our proactively monitored network assures unsurpassed reliability giving your business maximum dependability and unmatched security you can’t get from the public Internet:


  • Low latency for high-speed transport - efficient remote backup and storage

  • One of the most secure network transports keeping sensitive information secure with private connectivity

  • Extensive global reach - availability to almost every country in the world

  • Private line services can move your voice, data and video traffic more securely and across the globe

  • Compliance with financial, medical, personal and other privacy regulations like HIPAA by securely transferring confidential data

  • High-resolution video transmission supporting high-resolution video transmissions capabilities to enable distance learning

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