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Service Consulting

Using the ITIL best practices approach as the foundation, HTMS provides IT Service Management consulting - from assessments, to strategic planning to implementation, continual improvement and beyond. HTMS experienced consultants work in concert with our Clients every step of the way to impact business process and outcomes.

Service Rationalization


Businesses invest large amounts of capital in IT projects and initiatives with an anticipated rate of return on the investment to the organization. These investments include software, hardware, services and resources. An IT investment strategy should achieve and support business objectives and the ongoing management should ensure the investments continue to be aligned with business objectives. Undoubtedly, gaps will develop between IT investment and ongoing business objective due to changing business conditions, resulting in wasted resources, time and increased cost. HTMS can provide a comprehensive service rationalization to identify and rectify misalignments between service design/investment and the anticipated business outcomes. Ensuring alignment with key business requirements; a highly flexible IT infrastructure, operational excellence, a high level of automation, and an underlining focus on IT investment ROI results


Capacity Management

Many businesses grow rapidly and have competing demands on resources once thought sufficient to meet the demand. However, through acquisition or double digit growth. Demand can outpace capacity unless organizations truly understand the service portfolio being used to support the business processes. With an understanding of the services in the portfolio, demand management becomes proactive rather than reactive in nature and can efficiently handle the business needs using a minimum of computing resources. Having a thorough handle on your services enabling organizations to understand patterns of business activity to accurately predict demand and the service design required to accommodate the change in demand. HTMS will support your organization in developing the right service designs that will identify impacts to services when specific changes are made in the environment and how to build the correct levels of utility and warranty required for the services that support your business. Capacity Management activities reviewed include:



  • Service monitoring, analyzing, tuning, and service design changes

  • Managing demand by understanding business priorities associated with the service

  • Review infrastructure performance and understand future resource demand

  • Application sizing to ensure required service levels can be achieved  

  • Develop a comprehensive service based capacity management plan

  • Design a pattern of business activity process to address the service portfolio


Network Site Optimization

Review and analyze telecom (voice and data) services and invoices bringing together all the relevant raw data from disparate sources, normalizing it so you can eliminate the different confusing carrier terminology and provide a report that will enable you to gain a better perspective of your telecom environment and provide concepts on ways to optimize your telecom infrastructure.


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