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HTMS is here to help you with your Cloud, Data, Voice and Wireless needs. From a simple Internet connection for your host location to a global MPLS network with 4G redundancy. From POTS lines to PRI’s and SIP Trunks. We work with all major carriers nationwide and have already large volume agreements with volume pricing and offerings that we extend to our Clients.  We continually track and research the market and keep up to date with all the latest technologies, promotions and developments. Technology changes fast, so does the telecom industry,  HTMS will be your resource to capitalize on these changes, lowering your costs and providing flexibility for your business.


Effective benchmarking enables you to set a balanced, realistic target for contract negotiations which represents achievable, competitive marketplace rates. Services, business requirements and needs are ever changing. Effective benchmarking enables you to set a balanced, realistic target for contract negotiations. Knowing what's available, market conditions, and pricing will not only keep you ahead of the game at contract renewal time, but is a valuable tool to negotiating new offerings and selecting the “right” telecom service and providers. HTMS provides valuable market intelligence on pricing, terms, and conditions when negotiating and alternatives if necessary.

Cloud & Data Center Infrastructure

Why incur the cost, complexity and time involved in building or expanding your current infrastructure?  HTMS assists organizations to identify and evaluate services that could benefit from being served from a cloud environment. The opportunities and challenges of what is possible when your existing infrastructure and cloud solutions coexist, seamlessly. We work with you to develop a roadmap that will take full advantage of the hybrid technologies on the horizon and how they can impact efficiencies and reduce cost within your enterprise.  Let HTMs align cloud solutions with your organizational strategy to give you a competitive edge.  

Contact Center Services

Voice/SIP, Hosted ACD & IVR

Businesses are quickly moving away from traditional voice technology to more agile and flexible technologies that embraces all forms of customer communications across multiple touchpoints. Contact Centers that have premise based can still leverage the existing PBX, while also implementing open standards-based IP components to introduce innovative voice telephony and Contact Center functionality without investing in expensive hardware and software.


Whether it's 1Mb to 10Gb Ethernet, Internet, MPLS, private lines or 4G/LTE our strategic relationships with service providers gives us access to the most competitive rates available . We will help you make a more educated decision in a fraction of the time plus make sure you have the best possible options for long-term value.

Local Services and Broadband Data

HTMS leverages nationalwide suppliers that provide discounted nation-wide Plain Old Telephone (POTS) service, thus easing the burden of invoice management by decreasing accounting and administrative costs. HTMS also offers our clients an all-inclusive web-facing reporting portal. These enable our clients to customize reports that provide a variety key account data, as well as support for fraud prevention measures.  

Managed Network Services

Businesses can benefit from implementing a partial or fully outsourced managed service that provides reduced cost of ownership, access to external expertise/intellectual property, improved operational performance and abstracted management. A holistic outsourced model can also allow organizations to better allocate internal resources on strategic projects and core business activities. HTMS has a full managed service portfolio to meet all business requirments.

Voice Services

TDM, SIP and Conferencing

Next Generation Voice Services are available from all the major carriers and easily delivered over high quality Broadband, Ethernet, Internet and MPLS networks - VoIP is the future of telephony for voice and available in many types of solutions that provide resiliency and capacity on demand. SIP makes it possible to integrate and easily manage all forms of business communications – Voice calls, voicemail, fax, email, sms, and Instant Messaging. SIP also eliminates the need for an employee to be tethered to a desk and allows them to make and receive phone calls from any VoIP phone, even mobile and soft phones. HTMS has a complete portfolio of affordable and dependable audio and web conferencing services for medium and large business.

Wireless & Cellular

Whether you are looking for wireless phone, tablet, wireless broadband solution, fixed wireless access or alternative diverse last mile carrier, HTMS can deliver the most cost effective solution at the lowest cost. We have strategic volume contracts with multiple wireless providers and can provide you with the lowest pricing based on your business requirements. We are unbiased and can provide the best wireless solution depending on need and geography. And if the need or geography changes, we can modify the solution or carrier to fit the need.

Professional Services 

Organizations are looking for ways to provide their services more efficiently, effectively and with higher quality. While in the past, transformation has been based on technology based approaches, HTMS believes transformation can be enhanced by driving efficiency and effectiveness through revitalization of the existing organizational, process and automation.

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