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Value = Services beneficial to your business

HTMS main focus is helping to keep your business agile.


Our employees have an average of over 20 years of indepth industry experience in IT Infrastructure, Telecommunications and Computing. Unlike most providers,we don't sell you the flavor of the month, we partner to help you easily obtain the services to optimize your business.


The HTMS business model enables business of all sizes to purchase telecommunication services without requiring volume or term commitments usually associated with gaining the lowest rates available in the market.

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HTMS can provide you with just one service if needed or supply an entire range of telecommunications services and project management needs for your business with a level of service and support that will exceed expectations.



HTMS provides Clients with:Clear and unbiased cloud and telecommunications solutions from major providers. Our established large volume purchase agreements (VPA) with major providers without the restrictions and limitations that exist when contracting directly with providers. HTMS is not incented to sell any particular provider product or service which enables us to focus on the correct solution, not a provider's product de jour. We provide the factual data needed for informed decisions without unnecessary data. HTMS offers the best possible business solution for our Clients, based on a comprehensive understanding of provider services and industry application


True end-to-end accountability. HTMS looks out for your company's value and not the provider's bottom-line.  Our unique combination of IT Service Management and  telecommunications expertise means that we avoid the typical silos of responsibility, by offering an end-to-end integrated solutions that provide services anywhere, anytime, over any network – on the Internet, MPLS, Ethernet WAN or a 4G/LTE.



Continual lower cost of service. With our large VPAs, HTMS is able to provide services at substantial discounts with advantageous terms and conditions that are usually extended to Fortune 500 Customers. With our annual benchmarking process we are able to provide a continual advantage year over year. We have extensive negotiated agreements already in place that allow us to provide objective proposals with better pricing and a faster turnaround.


A clear solutions roadmap. HTMS has a complete services portfolio to address all your needs from wireless to datacenter services from top providers under a single agreement. With HTMS, you no longer need to worry about contract terms and commitments that outlive your company's needs and prevent you from transitioning into newer and more efficient technologies. We employ the industry's best annual benchmarking services to ensure we collectively gain (price and service) from evolving technologies and favorable market conditions.


Access to next generation technologies. Our volumes with major providers provide us with insight into next generation services enabling us to assess the various implementations across providers. We are able to share this insight providing support with strategic planning.




A consistent channel and sales process based on your needs. Cloud and telecommunications providers are constantly changing their business models along with "how" they sell their products and services, sometimes with a culture that values sales more than support. HTMS understands the investment on a Client's behalf when an Account Manager is changed, a new sales channel/process is introduced or a provider is acquired or merges. HTMS provides a long term Client Partner with assigned backup coupled with a leading edge knowledgebase to streamline communication. You will not be shuffled to other support people or sales representatives at HTMS.


Time savings. HTMS offers solutions from multiple providers at once, that don't require numerous discussions, requests and meetings. We provide a sustainable business relationship independent of provider, product or service. We "simplify" and provide complete life-cycle support including post sale. We have the expertise needed in provider service without the provider bureaucracy.



Client Partner that understands your business needs and preferences. HTMS regularly investigates new technologies and changes in the IT Industry and the potential to impact other industries, allowing you to anticipate change and safeguard you from playing catch-up. We make the investment to understand the needs of your business and your customers in advance, so you can offer these updated services proactively instead of reacting to demand..



Vendor Management Expertise. With our VPAs, we receive increased responsiveness from our provider base and dedicated support teams enabling HTMS to resolve issues before they become a problem.



A partner to handle the most difficult challenges. We have the resources, contract assets and systems to handle your most demanding and challenging business needs. HTMS can be your go to partner in these areas and eliminate the headaches


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