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Voice Services

HTMS offers a full spectrum of business voice services from traditional to next-generation business solutions to meet your needs today and well into the future.  We have the right voice services whether your a large centralized campus or a geographically dispersed global business with hundreds of remote locations or all of the above. Our vast industry expertise and agreements, we are able to deliver industry-leading, enterprise-class business voice solutions to meet the growing demands of today’s business.  

Local & Long Distance Service

Stay connected with Business Voice Lines and local and long distance phone service designed to meet your specific business needs. Reliable, economical, phone service, fax service for any location.  Flexible long distance calling plans with competitive rates.  Dedicated services for volume calling locations and contact centers:


  • Dedicated trunks and individual line/trunk (POTS)

  • Enhanced call routing

  • International voice

  • Long distance

  • Toll Free (8xx) service

  • Private dialing plans

  • POTS replacement

  • POTS consolidation, management and line optimization services

Contact Center & Hosted IVR & Enhanced Toll Free Service

Use HTMS to expand or augment your contact center without requiring the purchase of equipment upgrades.  You no longer need large upfront capital expenditures for on-premises hardware to automate your center, software or even network infrastructure. We help you shorten long and often expensive implementation timeframes and over allocated IT operations:


  • Automated attendant

  • Network-based Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)

  • Carrier Diversity

  • Enhanced Call Routing

  • Hosted ACD

  • Hosted IVR

  • Hosted PBX

  • Network Queuing


Web & Audio Conferencing

Complete audio and Web conferencing solutions.  Instant meeting onferencing enables anyone in your organization to host instant conferences whenever needed without pre-scheduling or operator assistance required or host an audio and web conference for thousand of participants at the lowest prices without volume commitments:



  • Conference Calling

  • International access

  • Custom Greetings

  • Conference recording

  • Outbound Calling

  • Dial-pad Controls

  • Web collaboration


Voice over IP Services (VoIP)

You don't have to replace your existing PBX equipment to realize the advantages of SIP  SIP is the standard for VOIP trunk service using Session Initiation Protocol to set-up SIP voice calls over public or private IP networks and the building block to transform the way enterprises gain efficiency and pave the way for unified communications. SIP trunking service is used by many businesses to provide local and long distance voice service and advanted routing applications. SIP trunk service provides increased efficiency through an IP PBX phone system by utilizing IP network access for SIP voice calls, without the need for regular phone lines. SIP service is ectremly flexible and can scale up and down quickly without purchasing extra equipment. SIP trunking can maximize existing capital PBX investment and reduce voice-line spend with trunk technology:


  • Local & Long Distance Voice Service

  • Call Centers

  • Direct Inward Dialing – DID

  • Capacity on demand and "pooled" site trunking

  • In-bound Toll Free

  • Business continuity

  • Geographically independent telephone numbers - extend your geographic boundaries

  • Combine data and voice onto one network to reduce dependence on end-of-life TDM services

  • Redundant trunk groups with load sharing and failover

  • Bursting Capability

  • Remote "Office" capability -  users can use soft phones and desktop clients using their office phone number while working remotely


Virtual PBX VoIP Solution

Hosted IP PBX, is a business-class phone service provided over an internet or MPLS data network with all the features of a premise based PBX without requiring purchasing of assets.  A hosted IP PBX can use any mix of cellular, VoIP, and analog phones in an environment..Users are not required to have a specific type of device and can have more than one of any mix of phones, and the hosted IP PBX will reach the employees at whichever phone or device they are currently using.  It provides the ability for businesses to make and receive phone calls over the internet or private network, intelligently route incoming calls to the correct individuals or teams inside the business, and provides standard business phone system features like an auto-attendant or virtual receptionist, voicemail, internal and external call transfers and other feathures provided in the intelligent cloud:


  • Cost Savings- You do not need to make a large upfront investment by purchasing an office telephone system

  • Call Centers

  • Find Me / Follow Me - route calls from your number to multiple numbers

  • Advanced logging of missed, received and placed calls

  • Local Presence- Hosted PBX systems allow you to get local virtual numbers in cities where you are not physically located which allows you to create a virtual presence

  • Flexible - Keep your existing landlines and use mobile and softhones for mobile workforce

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