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Wireless Services

Companies with more than 10 people who want lower cellular plan costs and increased security on their mobile phones.  Reduce costs and increase efficiency with HTMS, increased productivity keeps your business growing. It's simple—better cost control means sharper competitive edge.  Easy cellular plans can help you rein in your devices and ramp up your savings, so you can stay focused on continuing your success:

Business Plan Types

  • Enterprise (1000+)

  • Small & Medium Business (25 to 1000 users)


Wireless Services (Domestic & International)

  • 3G & 4G to VPLS

  • Hotspot & WiFi Solutions

  • Internet

  • Last Mile replacement

  • Machine to Machine (M2M) device and connectivity

  • Private Data Networking

  • Telemetry and Fleet Management

  • Traditional telephone service by-pass (POTS Replacement)

  • Voice


Mobile Device Management (MDM)

  • Full Device Management

  • Telecom Expense Management

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